Your roof is no longer what it once was? Then it is probably already on a new roof. Is the right time in order to make on the possible costs thoughts.

At the same time it would be wasted labor, if not take advantage of this opportunity and can also insulate the roof. Although this results in additional costs, but ensures the long term for significant savings in heating expenses.

Only the design, then the new roof
A roof renovation may take quite large investments. It is therefore worthwhile to deal even more closely with the costs incurred. The largest part is formed by the materials needed and the labor of craftsmen. Experienced companies can calculate quite precisely how long a reorganization is measured and at what cost can be expected in the end.

What is the cost for the roofing?

If the existing roofing is very old and badly damaged, then you should cover the roof again. Since you as a layman only in very few cases has the expertise and usually not the time, you should leave the work to an expert. So for the final calculation of the costs, you must also include the wages of roofers with.

In the long run a roof insulation is always the best solution. Although a pure new roofing initially caused lower costs, saving with this solution, no heating. Particularly two factors determine the final cost of a new roof: The time-consuming preparatory work and the prices of the tiles, and roof panels. Depending on the material, it can be expected at a new roofing with costs between 60 and 100 euros per square meter.

What is the cost of the roof insulation?

Before calculating what costs the insulation for your roof, probably is more the question, why would you need such a thing. The answer is quite simple: In the long run you will save money if your roof is insulated. Warm air rises always up and if it is not prevented from exiting, walk between 20 and 30 percent of the applied heat, the energy wasted through the roof lost.

Legally (EnEV 2014) is required (attic) from 2016 at least the insulation of the attic floor. This is a cost between 45 and 55 euros per square meter for the cheapest option. They did, however, the choice of various types of roof insulation.

Is your attic uninhabited and should remain so, then you should stay with the basement ceiling insulation. But if you should prevail a comfortable living environment under the roof, then you can not get around a roof insulation. The eventual savings in heating costs are identical.

Especially if your roof is to be re-covered anyway, the rafter worth as though expensive (150 to 200 euros per square meter), but effective way to insulate the roof. The largest share of costs arises by means of the new roof, so that the insulation in the end is only a small investment. Under-rafter insulation (30 to 70 euros per square meter) and rafter insulation (50 to 80 euros per square meter) are effective because they can be mounted on the roof inside out.

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